Why Go(lang)?

The Go Gopher

Over the years I have dabbled in web development, I’m no designer but I started with HTML and then javascript before moving on to the server side with PHP. As I became more proficient, I came up with an idea for a web app and started coding it up. Feature creep meant that the app never went live and then life got in the way (work, wife, kids, dogs etc).

Every couple of years I’ve attempted to pick up where I left off but every time there seems to be a new language or a “better” way to do things, usually through a framework. Attempting to keep up with the cool kids and utilise the “current” favoured development Stack whilst also trying to learn OOP meant that I never got out of the starting blocks and my interest quickly dwindled each time.

This time I’m determined to stick at it and build something that I can be proud of and which actually goes “live”. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to work within the confines of a framework so set out looking for a new language that I can start from scratch with. Go (or Golang) caught my eye and after a little bit of research I’ve settled on learning the language from the ground up with the view to eventually building a backend API that can be consumed by a web and mobile frontend.

Along the way I plan on also starting from scratch with javascript, not through a framework but plain/vanilla javascript. Why? Well why not? I never really understood it that well, often hacking together code found elsewhere to make it work the way I needed it. Although I don’t particularly like the language, from a client perspective there really isn’t anything else (until maybe WebAssembly becomes more main stream?).

This section of the blog will be used as a means to document my progress and to hopefully work as a way of motivating me to continue along the journey.

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