How to use wget to install wordpress from the command line

If you have access to your web servers command line there is a quicker way to install wordpress than downloading the .zip or .tar file, unpacking and uploading it to your server.

Step1: Navigate in to the directory that you would like to install wordpress.

Step 2: Use wget to grab the most recent stable version of wordpress

This will save a file called latest.tar.gz to the folder that you navigated in to in step 1.

Step 3: Expand the latest.tar.gz file

The following will install wordpress to a sub folder /wordpress

If you don’t want to install it to the /wordpress sub folder then the following will install it to your current directory

Step 4: remove the latest.tar.gz file

Now all you need to do is setup your database and setup the wp-config.php and you’re done.

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